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It's 3:30 in the morning. I meant to be in bed earlier, but I was working on a poster for a GSR comp. It was actually lovely... but now I have to get up fairly early... wah... 11 isn't awful, but I need to run to the DMV to turn in my old tags and get that taken care of before meeting up with someone from my Honors group. *sigh* love you guys!

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I can hear the birds... I think that's a sign that it's time to go to bed. My teeth are brushed... and, funny enough, I'm feeling better. HAH! So, tmra, Matt'll be here around 4 (YAY), so I have until then to actually get stuff DONE around here. AND I want to enjoy the day... so when Matt gets here at 4, we are SO hanging outside as much as possible! :)

Love you guys!

Feeling rough!

So, I went to this party thing today...did NOT want to go because it was so gorgeous outside, but I was committed, and I was bringing the Firefly, so I went... Got there at about a quarter to 3.... started to feel bad around 4:30... wasn't sure why... by 6, I couldn't fight it anymore, and there was next to noone there anyways... It was me, Kristin, Carissa, her son Isaac (2 years old), her dad, and her friend Dan. Around 6:15, as I was leaving, Jackson showed up... and I just couldn't hold out anymore. I felt awful. I'm sure they thought I was making up an excuse to leave, but I've felt AWFUL since around 4:30. I came home to a slight temperature, put some benadryl in me (because I feel like I'm having an allergic reaction), and tried to get things done. I washed my linens. That's what I've accomplished since I got home... Yeah, not much.

I started doing more icons the last hour or so as my strength has started to come back at little.. Matt was gonna come over, but I just felt too awful... And I felt bad for leaving the party... but there was no way I was holding out another couple of hours... I just felt AWFUL.... tmra? Try to get a LOT of crap done that hasn't gotten done all break... *sigh* Here I am, rushing again... at leat I had a FEW days of rest and relaxation! :)

Now? Shower... then more icons as I wait for my hair to dry.... I'm having fun with the icons... I've made SO many Firefly icons today! Icon Love Check it out! My CSI icons are there, too. :) I'm having a blast with this, really!! Shower time! Love ya!


I have had the STRANGEST day!

New AV. :) FIREFLY!!! I love it! I'm having a blast making all these diff avatars. Someday I'll buy a paid account so I can load 'em all onto my account! I just don't care enough at the moment to spend the extra money.

Hung out with the baby brother some today, then spent a GLORIOUS night outside with Matt right before midnight being silly as can be. It was so lovely, so wonderful, so reminiscent of when we first started dating. *happy sigh* We really had a grand time, and I can't wait for a repeat!

Still steady at 138 and NOT happy about it. I don't get it! I don't know how to lose this weight and get in shape without STARVING myself. Seriously, though, I need to make a plan involving LESS SODA, more Slimfast Shakes, and a LOT more exercise... the whole pilates at school thing fell apart... and I don't think I'll have time tmra to work out.. Maybe Saturday between me cleaning and doing laundry... meant to do some of that today, but it all fell apart.... I slept REALLY long (nap)... it was a mess.... and so I got NOTHING done. NOTHING. I mean, I made some new avs... but that's about it. The CSI ep SUCKED, and I'm exhausted.

Tmra? Firefly party! YAY! We're just gonna sit around watching eps and all that, but I'm still stoked. And I'm tired. It's nearly 4, so I figure it's time for bed... I Have so much I meant to get done over this break, and NONE of it happened besides the relaxing.... This weekend will be filled doing homework, working on my lectures for April, doing laundry, buying a book so I can read it and write a paper on it.... Oy.

Love you guys!

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Yeah, so Mima called about a half hour ago freakin' out about my uncle driving drunk somewhere... so Dad had to get involved... so I figured sleep wouldn't work... so I'm about to crawl in bed now.. have to be up no later than 9:30... so I'm getting MAYBE 6 hours of sleep... YEAH. Back home around 11, I hope, from the audition, and plan to get another 3 hours of sleep or so in the form of a nap before cleaning, doing laundry, and working on my script. :) My biggest goal tmra is the laundry.

OH! And new icons. I switched over to some Firefly icons I made. Teehee! I have more fun making Firefly icons than CSI. Is that strange? I joined a host of firefly communities on LJ... I think it's grand to have a community around this fun show. There's something special about it.

Love you guys! off to bed momentarily!

General Blahs!

I have a 10am audition... that means I need to leave here no later than 9:30, which means I need to be up no later than 9:15. Though I have a LOT to do tmra, I am seriously considering coming home and crawling back into bed... It's almost 2. I didn't mean to stay up this late... but I couldn't go to bed... it just seemed wrong... in some strange way. Matt left around 11:30... We had a LOVELY night.

Matt and I went to dinner...

OH! I forgot to mention, a few days ago, he brought me a single yellow rose to cheer me up! YAY! :) I love my boyfriend!

So, we went to dinner tonight, at one of our fav places, and it was lovely! We then came home, Dad went to bed, and we watched "Just Like Heaven." Matt says it's a chick flick. I think it's a date flick... but he still enjoyed it. :) Teehee! It was really lovely just to hang out with him, and not worry about who had to leave when, even though I had to be up early. I did kick him out, mostly because I knew I'd be up a while after he left... which I have proven. I finished up some AVs and worked on my script a little... but I do need to go to bed. I need rest!

I am not sure what to do with my new hairstyle. I think I'm going to stop using conditioner again... when I use conditioner on my hair when it's short, it just weighs it down... and I haven't gotten my hair to look good since I got it cut! I mean, I still like the length and style, but hairspray is too much, and blow drying it upside down just makes it silly looking. I think I'm going to have to blowdry it right side up with the curled brush... we'll see. I'm not obsessing about it at the moment. :)

Tired, but happy. I have a LOT to do tmra. Early audition... then I have to do some cleaning and some MAJOR laundry. Though, with Matt having a show Saturday morning, and Dad being out of town this weekend, I am definitely going to use that time to get some stuff done around the house. I also need to work on my Honors project and get up with my partner about our part of the presentation... I need to start working on my two lectures in April... I need to call that lady about getting Headshots done... oh, I'm swamped with STUFF! Ack! I also have some paragraphs due on Tuesday that I need to do... and a book to get so I can write a paper about Fantasy! ACK!

Love you guys. Someone remind me to RELAX and not stress! :) Miss you all OOODLES!

Writing... and it's COLD.

So, I decided to work on my script today.. I started out the day with 35 pages, and I'm up to 51... I'm happy with the progress, but recognize that there's still a LOT to do... I mean, my script, as it stands now, is only going to be about 80 pages... I need a good 30 more to have enough for a decent length movie... 1 hour 20 minutes just doesn't cut it unless you're doing a comedy... I'd like to run around 1 hour 45 minutes... Then again, my third act is fairly rich... I mean, my first act ended around page 23... a little early, granted, but not AWFUL. I'm on page 51, so we're already a half hour past where we were before, and I have 4 or 5 more scenes to cover, at least, in this act.... that'll lead me to act 3, which was 10 scenes to do... I'm fairly happy considering! :)

I might write a bit more tonight, but, for now, I'm going to shower, get clean, and then consider my options! :) I'm exhausted, but happy! I think I'm going to watch Just Like Heaven again. Yes, I rented it again... but it was on MVP this time!

I didn't mean to, but there's a slightly romantic vibe showing up between my two lead characters... which is funny, because I spaced them out about 10 years apart at first... I've made it a little less dramatic, with her at 17 and him at 25 now... (8 year difference), but it's still strange. I really didn't want there to be any romance, but the characters started to develop feelings for one another... there's no kiss in the script... and no romantic ending, as they both end up leaving town, but by different means, with no idea of where the other is heading... but it's there... there's a romance there that I didn't intend! LOL! :)

Love you guys!!

Back from the wedding.

So, Friday Mom and I drove down to NC. We went to the rehearsal, and around 7 were about to join everyone for the rehearsal dinner... when we find out that the pics are at 1 the following day, though the wedding isn't til 4. Um, yeah.. so we had to rush to buy Mom an outfit that night... and we bought a few other cute things... Saturday morning? Mom melts her jacket top to her dress. The iron was broken, the top polyester, and her steaming turned to melting... So, she wore something else, and it actually worked out better. Hanging with the bridesmaids was pretty cool, and the day was fun.. Neither Bride nor Groom seemed really nervous. They were ready for it to be over with, really, and left the reception at 8. the wedding only took 35 minutes, so around 5 they finished up the pictures, and the reception started around 6. Seriously, 8 pm, they left in a throng of birdseed, candy and sparklers. I might steal the sparkler idea.

I also talked to the people who did their catering for the rehearsal dinner. They're NOT caterers, but the wife is Phillipino, and the meal was incredible. They said we might be able to work something out when I get married. EEE! :)

We stayed the night and drove home, getting up at 5:30 this morning. I didn't sleep Friday night, as I had just started my period, and never sleep the first night of my period.. and slept VERY little Saturday night as we didn't get in bed til 12:30 in the morning, and it takes me a half hour to an hour to fall asleep. I got home from church a little before 1, and was out until almost 7. I needed to REST!

I learned a lot from this wedding, namely that I don't need a pricey gown at ALL. I'll be in it a half hour. I seriously DON'T need a pricey gown... because as soon as the wedding and pics are over, I'm switching into a cocktail gown for the reception! I really hate that the current style is strapless gowns. I look AWFUL in strapless and do NOT want to have to worry about my dress falling during my wedding!! :)

Love you guys LOTS! Be good, take care, and BUG ME! I MISS YOU!!!!!!!


Well, that sucks... I've been cheering on Skating with Celebrities for Lloyd and Kristy... they had great chemistry, and they won, and I always through they'd be cute together, that they got on well... and then I found out he was separated from his wife, and thought "so it really could happen." Now I found out, it DID happen, but there's some controversy as to WHEN it happened. Lloyd Eisler and Kristy Swanson say they didn't start dating until November, after Eisler and his wife separated (and she agrees to being unofficially separated before he even started the show and met Kristy)... she says otherwise. It's a mess, and I want to cheer for the couple, because I think they're cute, but I can't cheer if there was cheating involved, ya know? And it's just all a mess. *sigh*

I know NONE of you care... but I had to write this SOMEWHERE! :)

Off to bed. going to get a good 8-9 hours of sleep (HEAVEN) and then get up, make sure I have everything, and take off for Mom's! LOVE YOU GUYS! MISSSS YOU! If any of you are around for break, I'm not going anywhere. I'm too tired. :) Let me know if ya wanna do anything!