Esselle (esselle) wrote,

Fantasy Theme Papers SUCK

So, my dad came home, and promptly decided to take a nap... so I can't do much. I can't watch TV, because he's out there.. and I can't be out there because he's out there to begin with... but sitting in my room, I can't do homework. I've never had enough space to comfortably work on homework in my room *Sigh* So, I'm at a bit of a standstill and goofing off a little because I can't do much. I'm getting freakin' Exhausted, too, because I can't put on music or anything and I have no idea where I put my dratted headphones. If I could sneak in the living room without waking him, I could get my mp3 Player, but I don't wanna risk it at the moment... Now I REALLY wanna take a nap myself, but I know I gotta TRY to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. *sigh*

Tmra? I HAVE to write this paper. I'm just struggling so badly with it.

Just wrote my teacher an email asking to meet with her if possible tmra. That means I have to do some MAJOR work tonight on this paper so I don't show up empty handed... I think I'll get a movie from my collection and watch it softly on my computer... or maybe Firefly... Nah, not in the mood... movie it is. :)

Love you guys. I'm just a bit frustrated, still.
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