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Lazy Weekend.... sorta.

Today was strange, but I'm happy to be home, and to soon be off to bed. I didn't get to see Matt, but I'm hopeful I'll get to see him tmra. Of course, Date Night is canceled because his show is opening (Yes, I'm going). I'm not angry, perplexed, or worried one bit about it. I'm just happy to get to see my man.

My dad has given me a challenge. He'll stop drinking beer if I'll stop drinking soda. Were it not for a pesky time of the month, I'd be able to accept his challenge. However, I'm going to try anyways. :) Can't hurt! All water and juice? Should be good for me! I used to hardly ever drink soda, believe it or not! :) So, this should be really good for me!

Tmra? Tutor Apryl at 3:30 (which means SLEEPING IN!), then go see Matt's show at 8pm. My time between those two activities will be spent at home, hopefully finishing my Nancy Drew book (50 pages left) so I can start my rhetorical criticsm paper based around fantasy. It's due Tuesday, so I guess I should kinda do it. Ya know? I still have no idea how I did on the first one, as we will not be getting those back until my teacher returns on Tuesday. HAH!

I have graded papers, and over the weekend must update my grades on Blackboard. Shouldn't take TOO long! Just annoying, I suppose.

Saturday? I have no idea. With Dad out of town, and Matt doing a show, I'll probably stay home and do laundry, clean, and work on my paper. I also have to write a skit for my Honors class so I can email it to everyone by Monday. Nevertheless, the weekend does seem lazy compared to this week.

I love you guys, and miss you so much. Last Monday I had a blast with a bunch of theatre people... it makes me realize how much I miss hanging out with you guys. SOMEONE drop me a line! I'm hanging on the edge here and feeling a bit isolated!
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