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Irked! Ack!

So, my uppper abs and all that are looking great, but my TUMMY is the big problem at the moment. Nothing I do, from crunches, to pilates, to cardio pilates seems to touch it... It's still there, all big and flabby... I may need to buy a fitness magazine for ideas... but not til Monday. I don't get paid til Monday.

I decided to come home between classes because Matt was exhausted and no longer wanted to meet for lunch.... I don't have anything to do until 4:30, so I gased up and came home. I've been here about 45 minutes... in that time I've corresponded with a student, had a glass of orange juice, and done 20 minutes of cardio pilates (which has left me quite sweaty, though you didn't need to know that). My next item on the agenda involves getting something to eat, but I also have to work on that dratted Nancy Drew book, and possibly call the lady about headshots (though I may put that off until tmra). I'm in a good mood, but I'm quite drained. Hopefully, the food'll help... though I'm not sure what to eat. Last night Dad made steak, brussel sprouts (my fav) and corn for dinner. I was so honored he made dinner! I was thinking about eating the left over steak, but I'm nervous about the "corn" taste it's bound to have taken on due to its proximity to the leftover corn on a "leftover plate." Then again, I'm not sure this protein heavy diet works for me, anyways.

I did it to lose weight, and because I was concerned about my food allergies... so I've been trying Mom's diet, and it's a fairly unhappy one, honestly. I don't eat a lot of meat, usually, so my body has no idea what to do with it! I suppose I could become vegetarian... which wouldn't be THAT difficult for me as I usually only eat chicken a lot... *sigh*

For now: more orange juice, something to eat, and some possible Nancy Drew reading. I have 2 hours before I have to worry about getting on the road and heading back to school, so I'm going to try to use the time wisely. :) TRY, being the operative word in that sentence. *sigh* I am a mess at times, aren't I? Love you guys!
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