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Strange days... but I'm strangely relaxed. What a PEACE God has given me!

First day back on the pilates, and it didn't hurt as much as I thought it should... but BOY did my abs look great in the ten minutes after I did it... not flat, but I could DEFINITELY see the muscle trying to work. :) It was nice to do it, and it went by a LOT faster than I thought it would.... 18 minute workout... nice. I stopped once for a sip of water because my throat was getting dry... but I managed through most of it, even when my feet cramped... my poor feet!

Daddy and I ate steak for dinner, and it was lovely. I only had a little fat on mine, which is fine by me! I ate a lot tonight, but I needed it after only eating once today.... So, I feel weighty at the moment, but it'll pass, I'm sure.

It's 11:14. I'm catching the re-air of "Black. White." because Dad was CLEARLY bored a half hour in, so I changed the channel to Whose Line. I figured he shouldn't have to suffer, and Whose Line is something we can agree on.

I graded my papers... save 3... Two were a bit short, but not grossly so... and the other just had a billion problems... so I'm going to bug Deborah about it in the morning. I'm just not sure what to do with this one student who CLEARLY hasn't really considered the topic and the assignment thoroughly. It's depressing to have students with that kind of attitude, but it happens.

Tmra? A fairly light day if I get everything done tonight I need to. I have my Honors opinion paper to write... that shouldn't be TOO hard, I hope, but arguing my point using the articles provided is going to be rough. I'll need to find another source to throw into the mix to help me out! Eep! The topic being covered is the influence of violent media on people... All the topics being handled this semester, besides ours, are really heavy. Finding articles on reality television's affect on Women in the United States has been difficult, and I think that everyone in my group is starting to feel the strain, but today I worked with my partner within the group (has to do with the way we broke it down) and we came up with some ways to more evenly distribute the work, which should alleviate some of the fears and frustrations everyone is feeling at this point.

I'm tired, but I have much to do before I sleep, including a nice, warm shower. I was thinking about working on this GSR sketch I started almost a week ago now, but finding the energy and time to do it just isn't happening. I mean, I can tell how much work needs to be done on this, and sometimes it just seems like way too much to be enjoyable... mostly because I'm doing two faces at once, one I'm not familiar with at all. Drawing a 52 year old man is not nearly as easy as drawing a 30 year old woman. The lines and wrinkles are so much more defined, as are the differences between shadow and light. Oy!

My gift to my fellow TAs and teacher this semester will be to take pictures of them tmra, then sketch them. My mom has the equipment at her house to frame them, so that'll be great. I really think it'll be a nice gesture, and it's something I want to do for them. I appreciate them, and the relationships we are creating, especially between me and Sara. We just click so well, and I can see myself doing things with Matt and her and her husband in the future. We rarely get to do double-date couple things because there are so few couples we click with, and I get the feel that this would be one of them. :)

Saw Matt briefly today. His show opens on Friday, so I'll be there, cheering him on! Then, on Thursday, a friend of mine is running in a marathon. Jealous as I am of her physique, I will be there cheering her on! :) Yay!!

Matt and I are missing each other more and more lately because of our hectic schedules... it's a good mix at the moment between my tutoring, work, classes, and preparation for graduation and his rehearsals, work, and classes... It's always tough, but soon he'll be done with rehearsals, and the show will close in a few weeks... and then I'll get to see him more! :) YAY!

I'm not sure why I'm writing such a long and involved entry right now.... but I am. My mind is racing, and I have many things to do, though. I have to finish reading my Nancy Drew book so I can write my fantasy themed rhetorical essay on it, I have to do my three page essay for tmra's Honors class, and I have to prepare to teach one 45 minute lecture, and one 75 minute lecture for next month... and I need to meet with my teacher by next week to get moving on all this. Yeah, it's tough... and she does NOT get what I'm talking about in how I want to present Film as Communication. Her focus is on the themes and issues addressed, which is all fine and dandy, but those same themes can be addressed in a book, or an essay.... film is unique in HOW it presents themes, how the film process ADDS to the issues. *sigh* Lighting! Cinematography! Angles! Composition of the shot! Editing! THAT is what makes film unique. Hello!? WIDESCREEN!?!!? *sigh*

Wow that sounded juvenile. Anyways, I have much to do... and it's now after 11:30pm. HAH! :) I'm not worried, and I'm not afraid. I'll sleep in on Friday before going to tutor Apryl. That'll be nice. Love you guys!
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